The Man Who Came To Dinner (1942)

So, we come to one of my favorite movies across all genre and eras - The Man Who Came to Dinner. I don't remember the first time I saw it, but I know that for years I didn't know the name of the movie, and, in the days before the internet, I just couldn't find it. That all changed when I got internet service - I have no idea when that was, but this was one of the first things I searched for. I have loved every movie Monty Woolley has been in, so this movie is a shoe-in, The Man Who Came to Dinner also stars Bette Davis and Ann Sheridan - again, two of my favorites!

REVIEWS: Bosley Crowther absolutely loves this movie in his January 2, 1942 New York Times review. Here's a snippet: "here, in the space of something like an hour and fifty-two minutes, is compacted what is unquestionably the most vicious but hilarious cat-clawing exhibition ever put on the screen, a deliciously wicked character portrait and a helter-skelter satire, withal." If you click on the link and read Crowther's review, I hardly think another review is necessary. However, I like to see what people think some 75 years later, and Three Movie Buffs really deliver!

FAVORITE QUOTE:  There are so many, but here's a really good one!
Nurse Preen: I am not only walking out on this case, Mr. Whiteside, I am leaving the nursing profession. I became a nurse because all my life, ever since I was a little girl, I was filled with the idea of serving a suffering humanity. After one month with you , Mr. Whiteside, I am going to work in a munitions factory. From now on , anything I can do to help exterminate the human race will fill me with the greatest of pleasure. If Florence Nightingale had ever nursed YOU, Mr. Whiteside, she would have married Jack the Ripper instead of founding the Red Cross!

RATED: Awesome!

WATCH IT AGAIN: Definitely!


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