Remember the Night (1940)

The Law Said She Was Bad...He Said She's Terrific!

Remember the Night is another of those classic movies set at Christmastime that I absolutely love.  It stars Fred MacMurray and one of my favorites - Barbara Stanwyck!  Much like Christmas in Connecticut, this film has the humor, homey-ness and nostalgia that I enjoy so much at Christmas.  

In a Nutshell

Just before Christmas, Lee (Barbara Stanwyck) is caught shoplifting from a jeweler, making this her third offense.  I'm not sure if the three strike rule was in effect back then, but either way it doesn't look good for Lee.  Lucky for her, Lee's prosecutor is John Sargent who  postpones the trial because well, you know - who can get a conviction at Christmas time?  Sargent feels sorry for Lee (I mean we're talking Barbara Stanwyck after all) so he bails her out, finds out they're practically neighbors in Indiana, so he ends up taking her home to his mother for Christmas. Surrounded by a loving family, which is assuredly different than her own, they fall in love.  Bet you can't guess what happens at the trial!

Sweet, Funny, Sad, Romantic

Haphazzar Stuff has a great review, my favorite part being when they write: "Remember the Night is a great holiday gem that somehow doesn’t get as much attention as it should. I’m not sure why exactly. It’s very entertaining, sweet, funny, sad, romantic, an old fashioned Christmas takes place, it has two big stars who are both terrific in it. This should be a more popular movie during the Christmas season." 

Lee Leander: Suppose you were starving to death and you didn't have any food and you didn't have any place to get anything. And there were some loaves of bread out in front of a market. Now remember, you're starving to death and the man's back was turned. Would you swipe one?
John Sargent: If I was starving, you bet I would.
Lee Leander: That's because you're honest. You see, I'd have a six-course dinner at a fancy restaurant across the street and then say I forgot my purse. Get the difference?

RATED: Awesome!

WATCH IT AGAIN: Definitely!


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