High Society (1956)

High Society, for me, rates as a comfort movie - you know, like comfort food it gives a sense of gemutlichkeit, that nearly indefinable feeling of warmth, friendliness, and good cheer - comfort! I remember seeing this movie as a kid, and I certainly didn't understand the premise, or innuendo, but it had Bing Crosby in it! Of course, today I'm more like - it has Grace Kelly in it!

That being said - along with Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Celeste Holm also starred, and there was even a couple short clips with the inimitable Louis Armstrong!

REVIEWS: Three Movie Buffs always have such interesting reviews, and this one doesn't disappoint! As a matter of fact, I didn't realize this was a remake of Philadelphia Story, which I'll eventually add to this blog. Even Variety liked the movie!


George Kittredge: This is all your fault! You and your whole rotten class!

C. K. Dexter-Haven: Oh, class my...

Mike Connor: ...Grandmother!

RATED: Great movie!

WATCH IT AGAIN: Definitely!

DO I WANT TO OWN IT?: Nah, it's readily available everywhere

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