The Feminine Touch (1941)

Makes One Yearn for a Simpler Time

Every once in awhile I come across an old movie I never heard of and immediately upon watching it, find a new comfort movie.  The Feminine Touch is one such movie! 

It's entertaining, funny and makes one yearn for a simpler time.  This movie has the same formula as today's Hallmark Movies - crisis, exploration, crisis, resolution, and is as harmless and comfortable as well.  And, the cast is awesome with Rosalind Russell, Kay Parker, Van Heflin and Don Ameche!  

Wonder if this was a comfort movie

I wonder the impact of the movie on Americans as it premiered one week after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  Did they find some sense of comfort or distraction from it?  I think I might have back then.  There was simply no stress in this movie, and was uplifting in that tongue-in-cheek war of the sexes way.

Lightly written...quite watchable

REVIEWS:  The December 12, 1941 New York Times review of this film sums it up as "All in all, call it a lightly written conversation piece on the overworked subject of marital mix-up with Miss Russell in top form."  Which seems to be the sentiment of a Drednm over on IMDB, "Sometimes way too talky and at other times just plain silly, but it's all quite watchable thanks to the four stars."

Also, Cameron at The Blonde at the Film blog has a lengthy review with great background information and an excellent synopsis!  Here's the trailer:

Nellie Woods: [to Elliott] If you're lying, I'll kill you and go to the chair with a song on my lips.

RATED: Great movie!

WATCH IT AGAIN: Definitely!

DO I WANT TO OWN IT?:  I think I would like to - Yes!

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