Christmas Around the Corner (2018)

Lifetime's Take on a Christmas Classic

So, I suppose it's time to be honest here...I watch Lifetime and Hallmark movies, and I'm not ashamed.  Sometimes I watch when there's just nothing else on, or if I'm busy and just need something on in the background.  But most of the time it's at Christmas.  I'm a sucker for Christmas movies of all kinds, and of course Lifetime and Hallmark feed the need!

Usually these movies are incredibly predictable, but I like the settings, the scenery, houses etc.  This is one of those I've seen a couple times - Christmas Around the Corner.  

The fictional town is fun to look at, and it's pretty innocuousAlexandra Breckenridge, who seems familiar to me but I can't place, does a nice job, and keeps the attention.  I think it'd be cool to run a bookstore for a week during vacation in a quaint New England (or Adirondack) village!

Is there an agenda here?

The crew over at The Movie Scene seemed to like the movie, although not ranking it as the height of cinema.  "There is more to "Christmas Around the Corner" than just the familiar Christmas romance which has a few issues. Here is a Christmas movie which in some ways wants to highlight how small businesses are struggling and they need to be open to thinking of new ways to bring business in. And I can appreciate it even though ironically we have a scene where Claire, trying to drum up business for the bookstore, goes online to buy some Christmas accessories!"  But they give it 3 of 5 stars, most because they really forced some parts.  I agree, but it was a cute movie.

Jenn, the blogger of Cottage Country Reflections, has a nice post about this movie which was filmed in her town.   Really, Jenn has a nice blog and is worth the look-see.  Don't worry, there's nothing in it for me, she doesn't even know The Gray Fedora exists!  Here's the trailer:

RATED: Not Bad

WATCH IT AGAIN: Yeah if it was on and I wasn't doing anything.

DO I WANT TO OWN IT?: No need it's on all the outlets

Thanks for stopping by - see ya at the movies!

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