Since You Went Away (1944)

Since You Went Away is a star-studded movie set on the home-front of World War II.  This is another of those movies that's like comfort food to me, along with the likes of The Man Who Came to Dinner, The More the Merrier, and a host of Christmas classics.  Among the great stars in this movie are Joseph Cotten who is one of my favorites (Niagara and Shadow of a Doubt), and Monty Woolley (The Bishop's Wife and The Man Who Came to Dinner) who always makes me smirk, thinking I'll probably end up like him - crotchety and kind!

REVIEWS: Here's an excellent classic review by Bosley Crowther from the July 21, 1944 edition of the New York Times. I love classic reviews for classic movies!  Here's another, more contemporary review from Filmsite.

FAVORITE QUOTE: Colonel William G. Smollett: Good morning. Mrs. Hilton, I presume?
Mrs. Anne Hilton: Yes.
Colonel William G. Smollett: May I be permitted to observe that this is the first house I've found in this godforsaken community that doesn't smell of cabbage.
Mrs. Anne Hilton: Well, it does sometimes.
Colonel William G. Smollett: I was given to understand at the office of the Purchasing Division, to which I have the misfortune to be attached, that you had a room for rent.
Mrs. Anne Hilton: Yes, but I specified an officer. You see, my husband -
Colonel William G. Smollett: My name is Smollett, William G., Colonel, United States Army, retired. Retired, I might add, by virtue of certain fatuous opinions held in the War Department which judge a man's usefulness neither by his experience nor his ability, but by the number of years since he was weaned.
Bridget 'Brig' Hilton: [dog growls and barks] Soda. Soda!
Colonel William G. Smollett: There was nothing in the information I was furnished, madam, which indicated that you had children and domestic pets.
Mrs. Anne Hilton: Well, I'm sorry, but they go with the house.
Colonel William G. Smollett: We won't discuss it. With your permission, madam, may we dispense with further conversation? I should like to inspect the room.
Mrs. Anne Hilton: Certainly. Just follow me. I do hope you'll forgive me if I've been long-winded.
Colonel William G. Smollett: Not at all, madam. Through a full, and somewhat protracted existence, I have learned to accept the natural tendency of all women to be garrulous.
Mrs. Anne Hilton: You're very tolerant, Colonel.

RATED: I love this movie!

WATCH IT AGAIN: Absolutely!

DO I WANNA OWN IT?: If it wasn't on YouTube I would!

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