I'll Be Seeing You (1944)

This is another of those movies that I first saw as a kid, sitting in my room on Lincoln St. watching Million Dollar Movie (I think) on my little rummage sale find of a black and white TV on a Saturday morning.  Believe-it-or-not, I think my favorite character in this movie was Tom Tully's part as Uncle Marshall.  And I absolutely loved that house, especially the fireplace...

REVIEWS: Bosley Crowther had a great review of the movie in the April 6, 1945 edition of the New York Times. I particularly like where he writes, " the veteran whom Mr. Schary cinematically brings home from the war is no hot and be-medaled hero, no jaunty and zealous Rover Boy. He is a plain, undistinguished sergeant and a psychoneurotic case. He is a pleasant and harmless young fellow—the sort that many of us are likely soon to know—whose only betrayal of "shell shock" is his peculiarly apathetic air. And his one and poignant anxiety, which is characteristic of such upset men, is the fear that he will never be able to restore himself to normal health and life." Some 70 years later, these words are as meaningful to the moment as ever - sadly.

Senator Hugh B. Emmett: Sergeant, we would like to get the point of view of the soldiers about several things.
Zachary Morgan: Soldiers?
Senator Hugh B. Emmett: Yes. We would like to know from you what the soldier thinks.
Zachary Morgan: Thinks about what?
Senator Hugh B. Emmett: Thinks about political issues.
Zachary Morgan: Senator, I don't know. What gives you the idea that just because a fellow puts on a soldier suit he thinks any differently from anybody else?  [looking around at the soldiers around him]
Zachary Morgan: What does the soldier think? I tell you, last time some of us voted for Roosevelt, and some of us didn't. Some of us weren't old enough to vote. Some soldiers think labor's got a right to strike, and some soldiers think labor's got no rights at all. A lot of soldiers got one idea about what should happen after war, a lot of soldiers have other ideas. Me? I haven't the slightest notion what a lot of soldiers think. Senator, thanks for the cigar.

RATED: Most excellent!


DO I WANT TO OWN IT?:  If it wasn't available on YouTube, I definitely would!

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