Beware, My Lovely (1952)

Beware, My Lovely is a simple, straight-forward psychological thriller set in a beautiful house at Christmastime (which makes it a great Christmas movie for me) just after World War I.  It stars Robert Ryan (who plays a great psycho) and Ida Lupino - one of the greatest of all time!

REVIEWS: Here's an excellent classic review by Bosley Crowther from the September 13, 1952 edition of the New York Times. Crowther doesn't seem to give much respect for this kind of movie, "clearly contrived and designed for no other positive purpose than to send shivers chasing up and down the spine."  But, as is often the case, I wasn't expecting the height of cinema and just enjoyed the movie for what it was.  Besides, I always enjoy movies set in interesting houses.  I love classic reviews for classic movies, but here's a more thoughtful review from Rob at Film Noir of the Week.  


Howard Wilton: Mrs. Gordon...

Mrs. Helen Gordon: Yes?

Howard Wilton: Have I done anything to hurt you?

Mrs. Helen Gordon: No. Of course you haven't.

Howard Wilton: I'm glad. Because I wouldn't want to hurt you. But I might, you know.

Mrs. Helen Gordon: I don't believe that. You're just not feeling well, that's all.

Howard Wilton: [haltingly] You don't know what it means... like I do... to find myself in the... middle of a room... the middle of a busy street... or in some house I'm working in. A thing like that happens, I wonder where I am... what I'm doing. And sometimes I'm... I'm looking down at someone... somebody that's been hurt. And they've been hurt very badly. And I wonder if *I've* done it, if what I'm looking at is real or, it's only in my mind. Then I begin to run. I hide. But I don't know what I'm hiding from. It's bad enough to hide, but... not to know what you're hiding from. There are days when I pick up a newspaper, and I see that somebody's been murdered. And I ask myself... could I have been there at that time? Could I have done this thing? Where was I yesterday? What causes these blank spaces? What causes them?

Mrs. Helen Gordon: [frightened] I don't know... I don't know... I don't know. Perhaps if we get a doctor... [makes a run for the door to get away]

RATED: Pretty good movie.


DO I WANNA OWN IT?: I do!  Problem is, as of this writing I can't find it on the usual outlets.  

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