Across the Pacific (1942)

This was a decent movie, kinda of a Maltese Falcon on the high seas!  From Amazon:  When disgraced American military officer Rick Leland (Humphrey Bogart) boards a Japanese ship, he is apparently willing to turn his back on his country to become a mercenary. On the vessel, Leland meets a mysterious professor named Dr. Lorenz (Sydney Greenstreet) and the beautiful Alberta Marlow (Mary Astor). Soon Lorenz shows an interest in Leland and recruits him for a dangerous mission. As Lorenz pulls Leland into a web of international espionage, the true motives of each man remain unclear.
REVIEWS: Bosley Crowther has a great review in the September 5, 1942 edition of the New York Times. I love the classic reviews of classic movies!
FAVORITE QUOTE: Rick Leland: Hey, are you getting sick?
Alberta Marlow: I don't know. How do girls usually act when you kiss them?
Rick Leland: Well, they don't turn green.
Alberta Marlow: Then I'm sick. Get me out of here.
RATED: Pretty good movie!
WATCH IT AGAIN: Definitely!
DO I WANNA OWN IT?: Yes, I'd add it to the library

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