Christmas In Connecticut (1945)

What's not to like about this movie?  It's fun, sentimental without being schmaltzy, and for me is one of those comfort movies I watch even when it's not Christmastime!  From Amazon:  While recovering in a hospital, war hero Jefferson Jones (Dennis Morgan) grows familiar with the "Diary of a Housewife" column written by Elizabeth Lane (Barbara Stanwyck). Jeff's nurse arranges with Elizabeth's publisher, Alexander Yardley (Sydney Greenstreet), for Jeff to spend the holiday at Elizabeth's bucolic Connecticut farm with her husband and child. But the column is a sham, so Yardley hastens to arrange a publicity ploy by setting up single, nondomestic Elizabeth on a country farm.
I'm a big Stanwyck fan, and who doesn't like Sydney Greenstreet??
REVIEWS: The July 28, 1945 edition of the New York Times has an excellent review of the movie.  I love the classic reviews of classic movies!
FAVORITE QUOTE: Elizabeth Lane: Don't you come near me, you seawolf, after the way you deceived me...
Jefferson Jones: I deceived you?
Elizabeth Lane: Yes! You're engaged!
Jefferson Jones: You're married!
Elizabeth Lane: That has nothing to do with it!
RATED: Excellent!
WATCH IT AGAIN: Definitely!
DO I WANNA OWN IT?: Already do!

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