Dangerous Crossing (1953)

From Amazon:  A recently married heiress, Ruth Stanton (Jeanne Crain), embarks on a honeymoon cruise with her new husband, John Bowman (Carl Betz). However, shortly after getting on board, John disappears. None of the crew remember seeing him, and the ship's manifest has Ruth registered alone and under her maiden name. Ruth wanders the boat in search of John, but soon the captain and crew believe Ruth must be crazy. Only kindly Dr. Manning (Michael Rennie) takes her seriously and helps unravel the mystery.
I'm writing this retrospectively so I can't really add much to this one.  I do remember however that  Jeanne Crain was stunning in this movie!
REVIEWS: The September 30, 1953 edition of the New York Times has a great review. I love the classic reviews of classic movies!  Tipping My Fedora also has a great review!
RATED: Very enjoyable movie
WATCH IT AGAIN: Yes, given the opportunity!
DO I WANNA OWN IT?: Yes, I'd add it to the library

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