The Valley of Light (2007)

You know, sometimes Hallmark movies are just the right thing.  Yes they're predictable, and sometimes the acting is a bit sketchy...but sometimes, like when you're working on a school project, or a project in the workshop, one of these in the background is just right.  They're calm, not overly dramatic, and kinda feel homey.  Not a bad thing at all.

The Valley of Light was one of those movies.  A soldier returning home from World War II, lost his farm and family, wanders around fishing 'til a ghost tells him to check out this valley.  The rest, as they say, is Hallmark history - with a twist ending!  And Gretchen Mol plays a very nice part in this one.
REVIEWS: Rob Richmond of The Hollywood Reporter has a pretty rough review, although if one is reviewing this from a cinematic critic's viewpoint, it's probably spot on.  For the rest of us (me anyway) it was an enjoyable TV movie.  Brian Lowry at Variety, also has a review - less scathing and with a few different observations.
FAVORITE QUOTE: "If I trusted, even for a moment, in those signs you believe in, tried to be one for you. Noah." -- Noah in a goodbye letter to Eleanor
RATED: Enjoyable
WATCH IT AGAIN: If it was on somewhere, or needed a good background movie - yes...wouldn't hesitate.
DO I WANNA OWN IT?: Nah - it's on YouTube

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