The Damned Don't Cry (1950)

One of my favorite relaxing pastimes is watching old movies.  Occasionally, I'll post about one I like. Here's the first on this blog:

The Damned Don't Cry is (at this point) my second favorite Joan Crawford movie.  Number one will have to wait for another day, but this one really was good.  Kind of a Mephistopheles rags-to-riches story - with a price to pay in the end.  Now, I don't stand for men hitting women, but one significant scene in the movie involves just that.

REVIEWS:  Noir of the Week did a great review of the movie, and Journeys in Classic Film did a nice job with the dissenting view!

Don't talk to me about self-respect. That's something you tell yourself when you got nothing else. ---Ethel Whitehead (Crawford)
RATED:  Pretty Good

WATCH IT AGAIN?:  Definitely!

DO I WANNA OWN IT?:  Already do!


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