Cause For Alarm! (1951)

This was a decent little suburban-noir, starring one of my favorites - Loretta Young!  Here's a nice synopsis from Amazon: As the delusional George Jones (Barry Sullivan) struggles to recover from a crippling heart attack, he begins to believe his wife, Ellen (Loretta Young), and friend, Dr. Grahame (Bruce Cowling), are planning to kill him in order to be together. George decides to write the authorities about his wife's supposed murder plot. But when he really does die, of health complications, the innocent Ellen realizes that she must stop the letter before she's accused of killing her husband.
All-in-all, pretty good - a nice bit of suspense and found myself rooting for Loretta!
REVIEWS: DVD Beaver has a great review, and even better screen captures!
FAVORITE QUOTE: George Z. Jones: Ummm... my head. 
Ellen Jones: Is your head bothering you? 
George Z. Jones: Terribly... both of them. 
Ellen Jones: Would you like me to rub it for you?
RATED: Very nice - a good bit of suspense!
WATCH IT AGAIN: Yes, why not?
DO I WANNA OWN IT?: Nah - it's on YouTube 

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