The Reckless Moment

There's something just kind of heartwarming about The Reckless Moment.  I know that sounds weird considering the movie's about murder, cover-up, blackmail and whatever kinds of mayhem!  For being such a low-down crook, Martin Donnelly (Mason) seems awfully reluctant about what he's doing, and is very tender with Mrs. Harper (Bennett).  For crying-out-loud, the guy ends up making you wish things could have been different for both of them!

Also Like Life has a nice review of the movie, as does Obscure Classics.  I almost forgot... Laura's Miscellaneous Musings also has a nice review.  And before I move on...Geraldine Brooks is in this one!  I first saw her in Possessed, and thought she was pretty good!  How sad she died so young.

FAVORITE QUOTE: You're not dealing with the kind of people you know; you're dealing with the kind of people I know.   --Donnelly

RATING: Really good!

WATCH IT AGAIN? Definitely

DO I WANNA OWN IT?: Nah - It's available on Youtube

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