Too Late for Tears (1949)

When Good Girls Go Bad

Too Late for Tears is one of those classic Film Noirs that takes good people and turns them on end into - well - not so good.  Lizabeth Scott's character, a new wife, quickly turns bad, and I mean in an
instant, when she and her husband get pulled over for a traffic violation right after someone chucks a satchel full of money into the car.  When the cop leaves, it's revealed the woman was ready with a hidden heater - ready to ventilate the cop!  All of this in the first 10 minutes or so of the movie!

Bad girl, bad girl, what ya gonna do?

The movie stars Noir Queen  Lizabeth Scott and Dan Duryea , both of whom make this movie, with a solid performance by Kristine Miller rounding out a pretty good cast.  I think what I love the most is how Lizabeth Scott's character so quickly devolved into a full-blown criminal!  On the funnier side, and perhaps to be seen as a little sexist (sorry) I crack up at how Dan Duryea's character is so easily cuckolded!!

Despite an occasional overabundance of palaver

As you probably know by now, I like reading reviews contemporary to the movie, and with this one, The New York Times didn't disappoint! "Despite an involved plot and an occasional overabundance of palaver, not all of which is bright, this yarn about a cash-hungry dame who doesn't let men or conscience stand in her way, is an adult and generally suspenseful adventure." – The NewYork Times, August 15, 1949. 

A sucker for a vicious dame

Guy Savage over at Noir of the Week, wrote an excellent description of Too Late for Tears, and I echo his sentiment! "I’m a sucker for film noir that includes the vicious dame. I don’t care if she’s a debutante, a career woman or a housewife, the meaner the better. But somehow, the fact that Jane seems to be a perfectly normal housewife who morphs into a stone-cold killer makes Too Late for Tears that more interesting. After all, what does this say about middle-class America if the housewives and future mothers are so ready to murder those who get in the way of material gain?" - December 2, 2007 Noir of the Week


Don Blake: Looking for something?

Jane Palmer: My lipstick.

Don Blake: Colt or Smith and Wesson?

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