The Snowman (2017)

Soon the First Snow Will Fall 

The Snowman has a pretty good cast stars Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg (one of my favorites), Val Kilmer, and J. K. Simmons.  This movie follows a detective in pursuit of the eponymous Snowman serial killer who, and in case you couldn't guess, uses snowmen as his calling card. 

Stunning Scenery

This isn't a very well written screenplay, but I've heard good things about the book.  Of the many serial killer movies out there, this one is particularly predictable, making for a less-than-thrilling couple hours. However, the cinematography is amazing.  Most of the scenes in this movie more than make up for the week story line.

The above screenshot is on a road and series of bridges Atlanterhavsveien in Norway, and is both stunning and fascinating!  Here's a screen grab from Maps...

Some Places Look Incredibly Lonely

Not only is the scenery beautiful, but some of the shots show the extreme remoteness that I suppose it's found in most countries.  But this remoteness coupled with the cold that can be felt right through my computer screen, evokes a severe sense of loneliness.

Snowmen Aren't Scary

"The actual plot, once laid out in a way that makes sense, is so patently packed with convenient coincidences that it’s practically simple-minded.  Another problem is this: snowmen aren’t scary, and when you try too hard to make them scary, you just make it worse. The movie is strewn with camera pans from innocent-looking street scenes to … THREATENING SNOWMAN FACE, and the effect is very Dramatic Chipmunk, only less dynamic." - Glenn Kenny October20, 2017  

Arve Stop: [speaking to the crowd] When I was a boy, the only winter sports I engaged in were the uphill snow shovel, and the 50-meter firewood carry.

Even the Scenery Couldn't Save This One

Throughout the writing of this review I kept  hoping to find something redeemable in the story, but alas it was just that bad.  Even the stunning visuals can't save this one.  I simply have to agree with Glenn Kenny. 



DO I WANT TO OWN IT?:   Not even with your money

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