Man's Favorite Sport? (1964)

Screwball Comedy with Paula Prentiss - Need I Say More?

This movie, starring Rock Hudson and Paula Prentiss is hilarious!  It's a bit campy, definitely dated, probably a bit sexist, but I loved it!  Man's Favorite Sport is an apt name to be sure, and the premise probably isn't far from reality!  There's a scene that absolutely cracks me up, and involves a necktie and the zipper of an occupied dress!  Come to think of it, there's an exact skit involving Niles and Daphne in an episode of Frasier!

From the DVD box

"Roger Willoughby (Rock Hudson) is happily employed as one of the world's great angling experts. Unfortunately, even his own boss doesn't know that Roger has never been fishing in his life. So when press agent Abigail Page (Paula Prentiss) arranges for Roger to participate in her resort's upcoming fishing tournament, he's thrown into a panic. At the resort, he and Abby commence a crash course to turn him into a genuine outdoorsman - only to have their plan riotously upset by a surprise visit from Roger's fiancé."

Phyllis says...

Phyllis at Phyllis Loves Classic Movies has an excellent synopsis and review, well worth checking out!  Phyllis has a wealth of movie knowledge and I learned so much about this movie from her post, I can't stress enough that it's worth the read.  I think the line I agree with most is when Phyllis writes, "While this film is no masterpiece, it's a fun little comedy with plenty of laugh out loud moments."  

RATED:  Fun movie!

WATCH IT AGAIN: Definitely!

DO I WANT TO OWN IT?: If it wasn't available on streaming services

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