The House Next Door (2002)

Here's the setting - I had a surprise day off work because I switched out for a day next week due to next week being crazy, so I ran across this movie on YouTube.  It wasn't particularly good, but it wasn't particularly bad either.  It was pretty predictable, but had the feel of Straw Dogs - a movie I really liked.  Come to think of it, I should probably put that movie on here!  In the end, it was okay, slightly entertaining, with James Russo and AJ Cook putting in decent performances.
REVIEWS:  It was pretty hard to find a review of this movie, but there was one on Rotten Tomatoes, which essentially agrees with my take on it.
FAVORITE QUOTE: He's crazy!  I mean, get in the car and move to Arizona, crazy! -- Monica (Sean Young)
RATED: Okay for a midweek, rainy day off.
WATCH IT AGAIN?:  Probably not, unless I lose the remote and don't feel like getting up to find it.
DO I WANNA OWN IT?:  Nah, it's on YouTube and - see above!

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