Make Way for Tomorrow

Are you kidding me?  This movie about like to rip my heart out!  Make Way for Tomorrow is one of those movies that's all too real, and makes one think about life, family, injustice and love.  You know, some kids, when their parents get old just can't take them in.  Maybe it's because the care they require is beyond their ability, maybe the kids just can't afford to, or some other real reason.  The "children" in this movie are really just self-absorbed, selfish assholes!  Sorry, but there's just no other word for them.  I won't spoil this movie for you, but, in today's parlance - OMG!  Without a doubt, the stars of this movie are Victor Moore, who also stars in one of my favorite Christmas movies - It Happened on Fifth Avenue, and Beulah Bondi from one of my other favorites - It's a Wonderful Life.  Oh, and you have to check out this poem, A Man and a Maid.  A portion of the poem is quoted in the movie - I dare you not to get misty.

REVIEWS:  Back in 2010, Roger Ebert wrote a poignant review of this movie. Others likely have written some great reviews, but Mr. Ebert's is as engaging as the movie, and in my humble opinion, stands on its own.

FAVORITE QUOTE:  "It's been very nice knowing you, Miss Breckenridge." - Pa

RATING: Insanely good!

WATCH IT AGAIN?:  Most assuredly!

DO I WANNA OWN IT?:  Definitely!

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