Possessed (1947)

"I've Done Things I'm Ashamed of... But This Isn't One of Them!"

Possessed starred Joan Crawford, Van Hefflin and Raymond Massey.  At some point in the movie, it occurred to me that Massey was in Arsenic and Old Lace as Johnny, the twisted killer.  I don't know - this kind of realization cracks me up - the number of movies I've watched, it's fun to be surprised! 

Of lakes, boats and houses possessed

Anyway, this was a good movie. One of the things I liked was the lake house setting, with the house the Chris Craft boat, and there's something about boating to your house that strikes a romantic chord for me.

It grew louder --louder --louder!

There was one other thing that really struck me, a very nearly imperceptible moment when Louise Howard (Crawford) realizes she had not killed Carol Graham (played by Geraldine Brooks), there's a very faint sound of heartbeat.  Later in the movie, the doctor explains it as a symptom of neurasthenia, but I almost see this as a Tell Tale Heart moment.


Bosley sure didn't like the movie!

In the May 30, 1947 edition of the New York Times, Bosley Crowther wrote:

"Miss Crawford in this role appears more a representation of a pampered actress than of a truly jangled dame.We'd like to sense, for instance, more respect and sympathy for Van Heflin, who is eminently worth it as the lover whom Miss Crawford shoots, or for Raymond Massey, who is sketched but lightly as the poor, unlucky man who marries her. Both of these unhappy fellows are given much too short and casual shrift. And we'd like to see treated more fully the role played by Geraldine Brooks."  Obviously I don't agree!
The mathematical chances of you killing me are very slim. - David Sutton (Van Hefflin)

RATED:  Pretty damn good!


DO I WANNA OWN IT?:  Already do!

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